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To get the Downloadable Content (install these before starting a new game):
Mods and Utilities I recommend: Files I'm mirroring:



The Easy way to unlock the console is to use the bypasser in
ME3Tweaks Mod Manager - despite the name, it works for ME2
  1. Download, either from Bioware or here. Unzip it somewhere handy.
  2. Run PCCPatcher.exe and do the following (thanks to Halidun):
    1. Browse for the files Engine.pcc and SFXGame.pcc in their respective boxes. They should be in C:\Games\Mass Effect 2\BioGame\CookedPC\. Also, make copies of those files on the off chance something gets screwed up.
    2. Click Load Packages.
    3. On the Engine Tab, Check "Unlock in-game console"
    4. Click the Packages Menu, then Save Packages.
    5. Close PCCPatcher.exe and run the game.
  3. When playing in-game simply press the ~ (tilde key), above tab (also known as ` (grave)) to open the console, then type in the desired cheat. The TAB key brings up a single box at the bottom of the screen, if you prefer.

Note 1: I haven't tested all these codes, so use them at your own risk.
Note 2: If you want to get REALLY crazy specific with the cheats, see this guide: Mass Effect Wiki.
Note 3: These are NOT Case-Sensitive.

God enable god mode
Fly enable fly mode
Ghost walk through walls
SuperSpeed you move really fast
Walk return to normal speed and on foot
Teleport Move player to location in crosshairs (not on the map)
EnablePowerCooldownToggles power cooldown. Doesn't work on class-specific skills
KillTarget Kills the target under the reticule
KillEnemies Kills all enemies on the map
KillParty Kills your squad
StasisParty Freezes your squad
ce hench_picksquadBrings up the squad selection screen- will cause the game sounds to mute until you reload a save
KillSelf Or Suicide - kills Shepard
ToggleFlycam Toggles Free Camera mode
Shot Takes a screenshot
ToggleHUD Also ShowHUD - shows most of the HUD
SlowMo # Changes the game speed. #=2 is twice as fast, #=0.5 is half as fast
Stat FPS Toggles display of the framerate
GiveXP # replace # with desired number of experience points
SetParagon # replace # with desired number of paragon points
SetRenegade # replace # with desired number of renegade points
AdjustCredits # replace # with desired number of credits
GiveTalentPoints #replace # with desired number of talent points (21 for Shepard)
InitGrenades # Set number of grenades, replace # with a number
InitMedigel # Sets amount of medi-gel, replace # with a number
InitCredits # Sets the party credits, replace # with a number
InitAmmo # Sets amount of ammo to #
InitProbes # Sets number of probes to #
InitFuel # Sets amount of fuel to #
InitPalladium # Sets amount of Palladiam to #
InitIridium # Sets amount of Iridium to #
InitEezo # Sets amount of Eezo to #
InitPlatinum # Sets amount of Platinum to #
AdjustCredits X Increments or decrements the party's credits, replace X with a number preceded by + or - e.g. AdjustCredits +1000000000
GivePower P Gives Shepard a bonus power, see list below for how to replace P
SetIntByName U Unlocks an upgrade, see list below for how to replace U
UnlockAchievement AUnlock Achievements, see list below for numbers to replace A
show fogtoggles fog off/on

Format for Bonus Powers replacing P:
Format: GivePower target SFXPower_power name. Example: GivePower self SFXPower_Shockwave
Note: The game won't let you use more than 6 at a time, so if you're full, adding more won't do you any good.

Upgrades for replacing U:
Format: SetIntByName Name # Example: SetIntByName Tec_AutoPistol 5
The # is the number of those upgrades you want in your inventory
Name Increases What Tec_AutoPistol Submachine Gun Damage
Tec_AutoPistolR1 SMG Shield Piercing Tec_AutoPistolR2 SMG Extra Rounds
Tec_AssaultRifle Assault Rifle Damage Tec_AssaultRifleR1 Assault Rifle Penetration
Tec_AssaultRifleR2 Assault Rifle Accuracy Tec_BioticUpgrade Biotic Damage
Tec_BioticUpgrade Biotic Damage Tec_BioticR1 Biotic Duration
Tec_BioticR2 Biotic Cooldown Tec_HeavyAmmo Heavy Weapon Ammo
Tec_HeavyPistol Heavy Pistol Damage Tec_HeavyPistolR1 AP Heavy Pistol
Tec_HeavyPistolR2 Heavy Pistol Critical Tec_MediGel Medi-Gel Capacity
Tec_MediGelR1 Trauma Module Tec_MediGelR2 Emergency Shielding
Tec_ShepardHealth Heavy Skin Weave Tec_ShepardR1 Heavy Bone Weave
Tec_ShepardR2 Heavy Muscle Weave Tec_Shield Damage Protection
Tec_ShieldR1 Burst Regeneration Tec_ShieldR2 Hard Shields
Tec_Shotgun Shotgun Damage Tec_ShotgunR1 Shotgun Shield Piercing
Tec_ShotgunR2 Shotgun Extra Rounds Tec_SniperRifle Sniper Rifle Damage
Tec_SniperRifleR1 AP Sniper Rifle Tec_SniperRifleR2 Sniper Headshot Damage
Tec_TechUpgrade Tech Damage Tec_TechR1 Tech Duration
Tec_TechR2 Tech Cooldowns Tec_HackModule Hack Module for hacking mini game
Tec_BypassModule Bypass Module for the bypass mini game Tec_GruntShotgun Grunt's Shotgun damage
Tec_GruntUpgrade Grunt's Vitality Tec_JackUpgrade Jack's Biotics
Tec_LegionSniper Legion's Sniper Rifle damage Tec_LegionUpgrade Legion's Shield Strength
Tec_MordinUpgrade Mordin's Omni-Tool


To disable the intro logo movies, go to C:\Games\Mass Effect 2\BioGame\Movies\ and rename or delete BWLogo.bik and ME_EAsig_720p_v2_raw.bik

To revert the dialog in the introductory conversation to reflect an ME1 import, first start the game to validate the DLC, then exit, and remove [DLC_DHME1] from C:\Games\Mass Effect 2\BioGame\DLC\

Coalesced.ini Editing

For all of the below, the following steps will be necessary:
  1. Make a backup of C:\Games\MassEffect2\BioGame\Config\PC\Cooked\Coalesced.ini
  2. Use Notepad++ to open Coalesced.ini
    Note: Notepad, Wordpad, Word TextPad, or anything else will not work, as they will ruin the file.
  3. Save the file and use ME2IniFixer utility to fix it. If the game crashes on start, it means you either ruined it with the wrong editor or forgot to fix it. Restore from backup and retry then. Make sure to save a copy of the new file in case Coalesced.ini gets reverted by an updater or the game.
  4. If you're still not comfortable doing this editing yourself, here's a working file with all of the below tweaks:
Remove lens flares and bloom

Fix the Field of View (FOV) (zooms out from Shepard so you can see where you're going) thanks to hamstergene.
[SFXGame.SFXGameModeDefault] (copy and paste the line below in this section)
Bindings=( Name="F11", Command="set SFXGame.SFXCameraMode FOV 100" )
You can add others with different FOV numbers, too.

Increase game speed by a factor of 10 while holding the middle mouse button:
Bindings=( Name="MiddleMouseButton",InputMode=BIO_INPUT_MODE_NONE,Command="SloMo 10 | OnRelease SloMo 1",Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False)

Unlock all normal weapons:
Bindings=( Name="NumPadOne", Command="SetIntByName Wpn_AssaultRifle2 1 | SetIntByName Wpn_AutoPistol2 1 | SetIntByName Wpn_Locust 1 | SetIntByName Wpn_GethPulseRifle 1 | SetIntByName Wpn_HeavyPistol2 1 | SetIntByName Wpn_Shotgun2 1 | SetIntByName Wpn_SniperRifle2 1" )

Unlock all heavy weapons:
Bindings=( Name="NumPadTwo", Command="SetIntByName Wpn_CryoBlaster 1 | SetIntByName Wpn_GrenadeLauncher 1 | SetIntByName Wpn_NukeLauncher 1 | SetIntByName Wpn_ParticleBeam 1 | SetIntByName Wpn_Flamethrower 1 | SetIntByName Wpn_MissileLauncher 1" )

Make Powers ignore shields

Fix mouse acceleration (speeds up planet scanning)

Disable Automatic Weapon Swapping when out of ammo

Make the Hammerhead fly and be invulnerable

Squad Weapon Damage
For every weapon, change DamageHench=X.XXf to DamageHench=1.0f to make your squad mates' weapon damage equal to your own.

More Storming (faster and more running both in and out of combat)

More MediGel Capacity

More Probes
The number needed (with Thane's upgrade) if you want to fill the bay, then scan every planet without having to refill.

The Normandy has more fuel or doesn't use any

Corpses Stay Longer

Corpses will still disintegrate if they're supposed to.

Disable hints after the Tutorial, except in Casual difficulty
Find the first 17 lines that start m_aHints=(HintName=", and change MaxDifficulty= to 0
I recommed leaving the "Tutorial" lines as is so you know what's expected of you then.

Reduce the amount of time the notification boxes display

Increase number of sound chanels to prevent sound clipping:

Change how long after an NPC's last line of dialog before the conversation wheel appears:
(0.0 helps prevent choosing the wrong thing when skipping through dialog)

Alter how long the credits take to scroll:
That makes it 3 minutes instead of the default of 4:15

Add the blue casual appearance from ME1
Find CasualAppearances=
Add this line after the other four:

Infinite Ammo for all weapons
Makes it so that you effectively have an infinite number of thermal clips. Doesn't break the tutorial.
(Also edit bioWeapon.ini files in the DLC folders. You won't need to "fix" those.)

Editing Weapon Loadouts
Under [SFXGame.SFXPlayerSquadLoadoutData], you can find several things:
Abilities for player classes. (make a custom class!)
Weapon loadouts for player classes.
Weapon loadouts for squad mates.
Changing them is fairly straightforward. Just copy and paste, or delete.
For example, if you want Jacob to only use Assault Rifles, delete the stuff in parentheses, and add in LoadoutWeapons_AssaultRifles

Editing Weapon Properties
First, know what weapon you want to modify. Here is a list of how the names appear in the .ini (just search for the names shown here in bold):

M-3 Predator Heavy Pistol - HeavyPistol
M-6 Carnifax Hand Cannon - HandCannon
M-4 Shuriken Machine Pistol - AutoPistol
M-9 Tempest Submachine Gun - SMG
M-8 Avenger Assault Rifle - AssaultRifle
M-76 Revenant Machine Gun - MachineGun
M-76 Revenant Machine Gun - MiniGun
M-15 Vindicator Battle Rifle - Needler
Geth Pulse Rifle - GethPulseRifle
M-23 Katana Shotgun - Shotgun
M-27 Schimitar Assault Shotgun - HeavyShotgun
M-300 Claymore Heavy Shotgun - FlakGun
M-92 Mantis Sniper Rifle - SniperRifle
M-97 Viper Sniper Rifle - AntiMatRifle
M-98 Widow Anti-Material Rifle - MassCannon
M-100 Grenade Launcher - GrenadeLauncher
ML-77 Missile Launcher - MissileLauncher
M-920 Cain - NukeLauncher
Collector Particle Beam - ParticleBeam
M-622 Avalanche - FreezeGun

Below the name of the weapon are its stats. Where applicable, be sure to change both the X and Y numbers to the same values.

Damage=(X=368.3,Y=368.3) -The damage each shot does
DamageAI=0.95f - The ratio of the above damage an enemy will do with this weapon
DamageHench=0.57f - The ratio of the damage a squad mate will do with this weapon
RateOfFire=(X=70,Y=70) - Self explanatory (I'm not sure how the numbers tranlsate to seconds)
RateOfFireAI=1.0f - The ratio of the above for enemies
MagSize=(X=1,Y=1) - Ammount of ammo in a clip
LowAmmoSoundThreshold=0 - How many shots left when the "click" sound of an empty clip will play
bUseSniperCam=true - Whether or not this weapon will go into slomo when zooming
bIsAutomatic=false - Whether or not you need to click for every shot
bInfiniteAmmo=false* - Whether or not the weapon has infinite clips
InitialMagazines=12 - How many clips the weapon starts a mission with
MaxSpareAmmo=(X=12,Y=12) - How many clips this weapon can atually hold

*Change this to true. In the tutorial, when you pick up the pistol, it'll already be full of ammo. In order to advance the tutorial and reload the gun, just fire off a shot and press the reload button.

*Infinite Ammo for M-90 Cain
Under [SFXGameContent_Inventory.SFXHeavyWeapon_NukeLauncher], change AmmoPerShot=XX to bInfiniteAmmo=0

last modified 7 July 2021