Yellowstone National Park

I took a week of vacation and visited my sister, niece, and their three dogs in September 2009. This is our trip.(My brother-in-law was on a research trip in Canada.)

Awesome place. We made a somewhat whirlwind tour of the place, but it left stuff to go back and see again some time. I look forward to it.

There is a town you go through to get here, but then you round a corner and you see this.
No! Don't stop in the middle of my shot! How rude.
Sister and niece looking cool near the Mammoth Hot Springs.
The expression on my face is due to the stench of sulfur throughout this whole part of the park.
The cave of the dragon.
The steam coming out is like a dragon's breath.
And the occasional sound it makes is like a dragon's roar.

Me:(Actually, it's the buildup of heat and pressure that gets released as steam.)
Audience: Boo! Hiss! It's a dragon! Run away!

Me at some more stinky springs. It's only a few miles from Mammoth, but cold enough for a sweater.
Driving along, we saw this layer of pinnacles across a canyon.
I wonder if there are pinnacles on this side of the canyon?
I'm not about to climb down to find out, though.
And there's another layer further down. No educational signs nearby about them, though.
Looking to the west. Is there a nest down there?
Yes. And with a nesting bird, as well. Could just barely see it with the naked eye, and even with the zoom it was hard to see. But we see it now full-size on the computer screen.
Nice lens flare effect, sis. See the walkway waaaay down there? We didn't go down that far.
Stunning scenery that's hard to capture in a camera lens.
Looking towards the south rim. We were hungry and tired after our first day's tour, and we had plenty more to see the next day, so we skipped it.
Oooh, shiny.
This area reminded me a lot of the Puget Sound. Calm, cold water, hazy sky, cool breeze. Islands carved by glacier.
Chose one:
a) Patrick is very photogenic from behind.
b) Janna is a very good photographer.
c) Both a & c.
d) Something else equally silly.
The lake is huge. I imagine when it's warmer it's filled with boats.
Yellowstone's most famous tourist trap: Old Faithful.
Is that it?
Niece not as cool without her shades.
A geyser near Old Faithful.
Or was it a steam vent?
It's eruption seemed to go on for a while.
The historic Old Faithful Lodge. Half the restaurants in the park were shut down (including the one in the lodge), as it was off-season. Yet the weather was so warm they had almost a full load of visitors in the park. It made finding food a chore.

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