Centreport Apartment

Now With Stuff!

I wasn't sure when or even if the movers were going to show up, so I started myself. I got about this far before quitting.
More stuff I brought up on my own. The place is starting to look like an apartment.
Holy crap I have too much stuff! Where will I sit?
I'm glad I hired professionals to lug this stuff up.
Finally, a decent place to sit while I play. I wonder if I'll ever have room to set up those Legos.
The containder the stuff arrived in, now empty. It took me about three hours to get a third of the stuff, and it took the pros all of 37 minutes for the rest. And yes, they were 7 hours later than they said they'd be, hance this picture being taken at night. Still worth every penny.

apt.wmv(right-side-up) 15.1 MB
apt.mpg (sideways) 21.1 MB
A video tour of my apartment. Definitely fewer boxes laying around.
60 sec x 24 frames/sec = 1,440 pictures.
1,440 pictures x 1,000 words/picture = 1,440,000 words could have gone here.

last modified 12 December, 2006