Centreport Apartment

418 square feet of roach-infested joy.

A view of my building. Mine is #422, third floor in the center. The angle of the sun and the size of the overhang prevent any direct sunlight from reaching the windows.
The kitchen and dining area. I kept hitting my head on the chandelier so I tied it up. Table and chairs curtesy the Darbos. Thank you!
Looking back from the corner of the dinning area towards the front of the apartment. No furniture. Yet.
Again with the lack of furniture. The futon I bought. The sheets and pillow are borrowed. (Thanks again, Darbos!)
Looking back from the corner of the bedroom out at the kitchen, and in to the walk-in closet.
The bathroom, with my ugly green shower curtain from the dollar store.
A better view of the closet and water heater.
The view out the front of the apartment, facing south. No aircraft visible here, as they're on a south-flow today, and take an almost immediate turn after takeoff. On a north flow, they come directly overhead for landing.

last modified 21 October, 2006